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Westgate Executive Chauffeur Service is a family run business specializing in professional passenger transfer with a personal touch. We have over 40 years combined experience in ensuring a smooth, safe and reliable service for both our clients and their passengers.


Our management team have been involved in all aspects of the chauffeur/travel industry, including film and television, corporate, and hotel, enabling us to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. We aim to provide total customer safety, comfort, and satisfaction from booking to passenger destination, with smart, experienced and courteous drivers. We believe in total quality, and as such your first impressions rate very highly on our list of priorities. Not only do we aim to meet all your requirements, but also to exceed your expectations.

Business Solutions

Being a forward looking company with a modern attitude towards business, we are constantly searching for creative ideas and business solutions, such as online booking and remote account access, electronic cost centre invoicing. These services have been developed and employed to make accounts, administration, and booking simple and more efficient, cutting down on time spent relaying information, queries, and documentation manually.


Westgate are committed to maintaining the highest standard of client confidentiality. We have a history of working with corporate companies and understand the need for security when working within this field. Many techniques are employed to insure clients, visitors, employees, and information are safe and secure.

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